In today’s homes and offices we are finding large open expanses that occasionally require a room divider to provide privacy to the space, to hide clutter, to create coziness or to provide a decorative element to the room.


Hunter Douglas Skyline Gliding Panels are one of the most contemporary and versatile window treatment products. Combining traditional and non-traditional decorating elements with a look inspired by European designs, these panels are a creative and unique way to divide even the largest room. Available in a variety of textures, patterns and fabrics the Hunter Douglas Skyline Gliding Panels coordinate brilliantly with any decorating style.



Vertical honeycomb pleats create an elegant vertical line from the top of the shade to the bottom. Typically found on patio doors and wide windows, they also work well as a room divider.


More than just a trendy way to break up office space or to furnish a dressing room, room dividers have been around for centuries, dating all the way back to 400 BC. Although their origins vary, room dividers have been used all over the globe, the most popular and well-known shades coming in the form of ancient Chinese and Japanese Shojis. You may have seen them on TV, at an antique shop, or even in your own home! These beautiful and historical partitions have been around for centuries, and their use is yet to go out of style.

Now, the typical room dividers you see in commercial spaces and modern homes may not be made of rice paper and painted with ancient history, but you will find them just as elegant and, in some cases, even more versatile. Coming in a variety of fabrics, patterns, and installation styles, room dividers add an extra touch of color to an otherwise bland room. Take, for example, a large kitchen and dining area. Having lots of space is advantageous, but it can also make a room look cold and less inviting to your evening guests. To add a touch of coziness and to bring everything together, a room divider can be the perfect choice!

Room dividers are also great for large commercial spaces. Instead of breaking the bank to divide a large area, an easy install of Skyline Gliding Panels can be exactly what you need. The office is a bustling place, filled with more voices than rooms and a lot of noise that is best contained in smaller, more private spaces. Most of us like to have our own personal space, and that means we want to focus on our work-not our coworker’s nervous energy as they rush to meet the next deadline!

Whether you just want to add a decorative element to a room or are looking to do a complete overhaul, room dividers can bring you just what you need, for almost any project.