Closet Doors and Pantries

Closet and pantry doors are a necessary component of any home; they hide unsightly clutter and protect your belongings from UV rays and dust.  For our clients who have minimal space available or have an unusually large opening to cover, we offer the perfect, modern solution.


With their minimal stack back of 6” these sliding vertical Honeycomb shades are an ideal solution where space is limited. Option to mount inside or outside the door frame, and with widths available up to 28 feet, the Hunter Douglas Honeycomb Vertiglide will provide you with a new modern solution for your closet and pantry doors.


There’s nothing worse than a cluttered closet, but a cluttered closet that everyone can see will surely take the cake!

We’ve all been there. Life gets ahead of us, the clock continues ticking but our bodies just don’t seem to catch up… and then there’s the closet. It’s a place of joy and contention all-in-one. The closet houses your favourite pair of shoes but also the awkward sweater that your great aunt gave you for your birthday last year that you can’t seem to throw away. This space contains the Christmas presents in Winter and your hidden stash of snacks the rest of the year. Whatever you keep in your closet is up to you, but everyone could use a hand in keeping it confined!

Speaking of confined, your pantry is probably one of the most stuffed places in the house, depending on when you last did the grocery shopping. It can be hard to organize this area with all the use that it gets, but a good pantry covering can keep the crazy looking calm when guests come over for dinner.

Whatever your closet or pantry is housing, a high-quality covering can be just what you need to keep the chaos at bay.