Unusually shaped windows, such as Circles, Ovals, Pentagons, Octagons and Hexagons can add drama and elegance to a home.  However, they do present particular challenges in trying to find the best way to cover them to add a decorative touch while providing privacy, light control and insulation. Aside from the standard blinds Red Deer homes for their regular shaped windows, Hunter Douglas window coverings offer a wide selection of window treatments that can cover virtually any shape or size. With a wide variety of colours, fabrics, materials and options, including stationary or moveable, you are sure to find something that will be the perfect window treatment solution for your personal preferences.

Irregular Window Shapes

Circle Windows

Circle windows are commonly used in homes to add a feel of uniqueness. They look great and add some natural light to areas that may sometimes not have a window or to create a focal point. Stairways, bathrooms, bedrooms, skylights, kitchens and living rooms can boast these windows to add a wonderful geometric design. They are also known as porthole windows. With their uniqueness also brings the need for customized window treatments. As one wants to keep the appeal of their circular window, it is best to choose a window treatment that adds privacy while adding a decorative touch. There are honeycomb shades or shutter style window treatments that can be customized to the size of your window through Hunter Douglas. There are multiple colours that you can choose from to suit your personal décor of your home.

Oval Windows

Oval windows are very unique and definitely add to the aesthetics of a home. Most often found to add uniqueness to a bathroom or a gable area, oval windows can also be covered by customized window treatments. Whether you want honeycomb shades or shutter style blinds, Hunter Douglas has options for your unique oval window in your home.

Pentagon Windows

Pentagon shaped windows look similar to that of a house with the square like bottom and the top forming a peak. These windows require a customized fit and there are great options available when you choose Hunter Douglas blinds. You can choose from different types of blinds, either honeycomb shades or shutter style. Stationary and operable blinds available to control the right amount of light and privacy. As they are able to be customized to fit any size you won’t lose out on the aesthetics that this uniquely shaped window brings.

Octagon Windows

Octagon windows have many sides and they add a dramatic flair to a room. They are not as commonly used in homes, but they are found in some places. They are mostly found in converted attics, or the upper floor of a home. One wants to be sure that the window treatment they have fits the décor and feel of the room. With Hunter Douglas, you can choose how you want to cover your octagon window, as they have several options that will allow you the freedom to find the right solution from your tastes and preferences. Shutter style blinds or honeycomb shades are available for this type of window.

Hexagon Windows

Hexagon shaped windows, like octagons, have many sides and are not as commonly used. However, they still add a beautiful touch to a home when they are used. One is able to find window treatments for this unique shape of window when they look to the Hunter Douglas collections. With many colours, fabrics and materials to choose from in either the shutter style blinds or honeycomb style shades, you will be able to choose what type of covering you will want to use for this window.

Hunter Douglas Window Treatment Options for Irregular Windows

Depending on the shape and size of your specialty window, The Hunter Douglas Honeycomb Collection is available in both operable and non-operable designs. Top down or bottom up function in our Applause collection is available for pentagon, octagon and hexagon windows. Non-operable stationary Honeycomb shades are available for circle and oval shaped windows.

For complete control of sunlight and privacy, Hunter Douglas Palm Beach Polysatin Shutters & NewStyle Hybrid Shutters are the best choice for your Specialty shaped windows. Fully operable louvers, made of the highest quality materials, cause these timeless window treatments to greatly enhance your homes décor while not allowing the uniqueness of your window to be lost.

Non-operable solutions from Hunter Douglas for your Circle, Pentagon, Octagon and Hexagon windows include Parkland Wood Blinds and Everwood Faux wood blinds. These shades are installed so the slats are angled upwards at a 45-degree angle for enhanced privacy, while still allowing natural light into the home. Vignette Modern Roman Shades and Pirouette Window Shadings available as stationary window treatments in the closed contoured position. This is especially helpful for those windows that are south facing, in the gables, or are hard to reach to open and close. Silhouette and Nantucket privacy sheers, available in either the open position for optimal UV protection and natural lighting, or in the closed position for ideal light control and privacy. The sheer material allows for complete privacy without blocking out the benefits of natural light coming in or the appeal of your odd shaped window.

It is best to have your professional blinds retailer from Cover Your Windows come to your home and work with you to determine which type and style will best suit your unique window and your preferences. Cover Your Windows are Red Deer blinds experts and have worked extensively with specialty shaped windows and has superior knowledge of each type of blinds and shutters that are available for your window to be sure that you are receiving the window treatment option that is best suited to your preferences in style, colour and fabric. They will also be sure to go over options that can allow you to have UV protection and black-out fabric options.

To be sure of a completely accurate fit, they will measure using laser technology. So, you can rest assured that your window, whether it be a circle, octagon, hexagon, or pentagon, your window treatment will fit perfectly. When you choose Cover Your Windows to help you with your specialty window, you know you will be completely satisfied with your choice. Call Cover Your Windows today to set up an appointment to discuss your unique window treatment needs.

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