Why Choose Motorized Shades

There are many things that can be an inconvenience in our home or office when dealing with window coverings. Some of those things may be tall windows, skylights, having multiple windows, or hard to open and close window shades due to a disability. Thankfully, there are options for these windows so that you are able to freely open and close the shades quickly and easily. A terrific option for these situations is motorized shades. These shades are run by a motor instead of cords and they do not need to be hard wired in either as they run on batteries.   Added Convenience   Motorized shades give anyone…


Improve Your Sleep With Proper Window Treatments

As desirable as it is to get plenty of natural light in your home, there is one big drawback: it can seriously affect the length and quality of your sleep. Most people require between seven to eight hours of sleep a night in order to function normally, and if you are regularly getting less than that, it can lead to you feeling perpetually out of sorts, tired, and in a bad mood. If you are looking for a way to ensure that sunlight is not interrupting your sleep, there are numerous different window treatments you can consider. Blackout Shades with Light Blocking Channels     These are the…

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